Here are some presentations that I’ve prepared:


Reappraising the relationship between working memory and conscious awareness (If a process typically associated with working memory can be accomplished unconsciously, is it really working memory? This presentation provides several instantiations of this observation).

Neural systems supporting navigation (a broad overview of how which neural systems are responsible for our understanding of space, trajectories within that space, and how they are modulated by goal motivated behavior).


Virtual memory palaces: Using contextually-rich VR environments to enhance learning (My current work at UCLA)

The structural scaffolding of functionally defined networks predicts individual differences in cognition (My SfN 2014 talk)

Coupled neural systems underlie the production and comprehension of naturalistic narrative speech (a clever analysis method that correlated brain patterns (post a time-warping procedure) representative of production and comprehension of the same story to identify networks whose spatio-temporal pattern were equivocal)

A High-resolution study of hippocampal and medial temporal lobe correlates of spatial context and prospective overlapping route memory (a relatively clever experimental design that speaks to the independent roles of each hippocampal subfield in spatial navigation, prospection, pattern completion, pattern seperation, goal monitoring, goal incorporation, and more)

The importance of mixed selectivity in complex cognitive tasks (quite possibly my favorite presentation to date. Great insights into the importance of non-linear neurons in regards to linear readouts of neuronal populations)

fMRI & Music (a guest lecture (with Jeff Chiang) given to UCLA undergraduates GE73C taught by Brian Odegaard)

Method of Loci and Virtual Environments (an introduction to the concepts that fuel my current research project)

A common cortical metric for space, time, and social distance (brilliant MVPA methodology)

Neuroenhancement for national security? (a presentation for a “Neuroethics” class that I gave discussing neuromodulation and its relevance for national security)


Microstructure of a spatial map in the entorhinal cortex ( a great introduction to grid cells in entorhinal cortex!)

MultiVoxel pattern analysis in human hippocampal subfields (an intro to both fMRI and MVPA I gave during a summer fellowship program)

Memory recall for high value words correlates with individual differences in white amtter pathways associated with reward processing and fronto-temporal communication (the initial unveiling of my 2013 SfN Poster)

Decoding Unattended Fearful faces with whole-brain correlations: an approach to identify condition dependent large-scale functional connectivity (A methods-heavy paper that utilizes a technique similar to the one utilized in our 2013 HBM Poster)


Learning in the fast lane: new insights into neuroplasticity (this study got me into DTI! They show hippocampal diffusion changes after just 2 hours of training)

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