Memory Recall for High Reward Value Items Correlates With Individual Differences in White Matter Pathways Associated With Reward Processing and Fronto-Temporal Communication

Authors: Nicco Reggente, Michael S. Cohen, (Amy) Zhong S. Zheng, Alan D. Castel, Barbara J. Knowlton, Jesse Rissman

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Plain English: We observed individual differences in a value-directed remembering task. White matter integrity within the Uncinate Fasciculus correlated with memory strength for high-value items. This relationship was also seen for the tract connecting the Nucleus Accumbens (NAcc) and Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA). Additionally, structural integrity of the NAcc –> VTA tract correlated with the degree an individual was selective about the information they retained (i.e. preferential recall for high-value over low-value items).

Citation: Reggente, N., Cohen, M. S., Castel, A., Knowlton, B. J., & Rissman, J. (2018). Memory recall for high reward value items correlates with individual differences in white matter pathways associated with reward processing and fronto-temporal communication. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 12, 241.

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