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Thalamocortical Connectivity Predicts Level of Awarness in Disorders of Consciousness

Zheng, Z., Reggente, N., Lutkenhoff, E., Owen, A., Monti, M. Amy Zheng presented this poster at SfN in Washington, D.C (2014) SfN 2014 Poster Brief: In this study we used probabilist tractography on diffusion tensor imaging data to look at the whole brain’s anatomical connectivity index with the Left and Right Thalamus for patients with […]

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Individual differences in working memory performance as a function of the local integrity and regional connectivity of the hippocampus

Kommers, C.,, Reggente, N., Raccah, O., Rissman, J. Cody Kommers, my research assistant, presented this poster at SfN in Washington, D.C (2014) SfN 2014 Poster SfN 2014 Abstract: Although the hippocampus is well known to contribute to the storage and retrieval of long-term memories, emerging data suggests that the hippocampus may also contribute to the […]

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Episodic memory retrieval benefits from a less modular brain network organization

Westphal, A.J., Monti, M.M., Reggente, N., Yazdanshenas, O., & Rissman, J. Andrew Westphal presented this work at an SfN Nanosymposium in Washington D.C (2014) SfN 2014 Abstract: The act of retrieving a memory for a specific episode of one’s past requires the coordination of brain networks involved in controlling access to mnemonic contents and representing […]

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