What Is Life?

I used to keep a journal called “Lost In Conversation”

The conclusions, catharses, and nullifications that would come about from the conversations I’d have would reveal to me parts of myself that seemed integral and necessary for me to properly absorb. However, I’d often forget what I’d thought or what the experience had alluded to. Writing it all down helped with not only my personal identity, but provided me with nostalgia that I would have otherwise been ignorant to the bliss of.

However, in my recent pursuits as an applied philosopher (how I view my career as a budding neuroscientist), my conversations have taken a more specific and narrowed route that is far more quantifiable than the 3am, new york city street, symposiums.

Thereby, I continue to get lost.

These are the ways in which I do so.

As for “what is life?”.  Well,for me, it’s getting lost in trying to answer it.

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